Frequent Swim Questions!

Be sure before you swim!

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Callan Swim School maintains 93° pool temperature year round allowing our students to swim in a warm relaxed environment. Cold pools generally result in shivering students that are more focused trying to warm-up than relaxing and learning how to swim. A warm, relaxed pool environment lends itself to a more fluid and relaxed swimmer. Additionally, since infants are submersed in body- temperature amniotic fluid while in the womb, it is most natural for them to be in a similar environment during their earliest stages of life.

Please bring a swimsuit and towel, and something to keep long hair or bangs out of children’s eyes.
**All children under the age of 4 must wear two non-disposable swim diapers.

Each swim class will have no more than three children per class, with a one one rotation with the children in each class.

We have children ourselves, and understand that kids can suddenly become sick throughout the day or unexpected delays can prevent you from attending your class. Please call the office to let us know you won’t be attending your scheduled lesson, and schedule a free make-up class.

Swim progression varies according to many factors. Within a series of eight swim lessons most children will learn to float comfortably with their eyes open. Each student will succeed at his or her own pace and will learn to swim given time and patience. It is best to keep in mind that, like any athletic endeavor, swim lessons are a commitment. Our goal is to aid children and adults progress through every swim lesson and make the most of their time in the swimming pool with us.
We want our students to leave our program with superb skills and a love for the water.

Children very easily pick up on parents’ feelings. If you are fearful yourself, it’s important to your child’s swim development that you don’t show them your fear. It is also ideal to not to allow your child to swim elsewhere during the first few series of lessons. By allowing the structured swim lessons at Callan Swim School to be their only association with aquatics they are less likely to pick up on bad swim habits and abandon proper swim technique. That means you should try to stay out of Jacuzzis; keep bath water shallow and limit bath time to a minimum.

Drowning is one of the leading causes of death for children ages 1 to 4 in California. A residential swimming pool is 14 times more likely to cause a death than an automobile.

The sooner the better, but it’s never too late. As soon as babies come out of the birth canal, they are ready to swim, we typically wait until there’s a bit of head and neck control; starting at around the age of 3 months. The majority of students who start at a very young age will master the water and be able to navigate swimming pools on their own before they turn two. Callan Swim School has also found that children who begin lessons early benefit from advanced development, as they perform better academically and athletically because their brains have been exposed to more oxygen. An oxygen-nourished brain creates a stronger individual, mentally, and physically. While ages two, three and four are fine ages to start, sometimes children at this age experience more anxieties and emotional obstacles. As a child grows and becomes a teenager or an adult, they will often find that it is more of a struggle to learn to swim because of the initial anxiety that they must overcome. However, an open mind and commitment can often lead to great success.

We strongly recommend that you do not bring goggles to your swim lesson. Our philosophy is that every child should be comfortable enough to swim without them. This is to ensure that your child does not become dependent on them for any reason. Although there are exceptions we prefer every student to swim freestyle the length of the pool prior to the introduction of goggles. This is purely for the benefit of your child.